10 ways to optimize your call to Action

call to ActionIn today’s 21st Century something compiling and something looks good are very effective way to attract prospects. Optimizing and analyzing the different part of marketing plan are the techniques used by many industry experts. Few days ago, I wrote a blog post on “How to use Call to Action” in an effective manner to generate more leads. I explained that a call to action plays an important role in your marketing plan.

Optimization of Call to Action, will take your marketing plan to the next level if your CTA is more compiling to your user with beautiful looking texts, beautiful images that speak about your offers and colors. So let’s review some of the great aspects of call to action on how we can improve our marketing effectiveness by optimizing?

Here, are 10 Ways to optimize your Call to Action that will make your CTA button more effective.

1) Make it clear and Calling

Your Call to Action should clearly speak about what exactly you’re going to provide when someone clicks on your CTA. For example if you are selling 30 Days Free trial of any Software, your CTA should be something like this Signup for 30 Days Free Trial – Your Software name. This make more visible and optimal

2) Make it stand out

What do I mean by stand out? Make your CTA stand out from the rest of your web pages. This increases your chance of conversion. Creating your CTA differ from the rest of your web pages looks more compiling and attractive to your prospects. For example, creating a big buttons not too much small or too much big

3) Make it take action.

Does your CTA makes sound noisier and speaks to your prospects? Your CTA text should start with verb like “Download” or “Register” or “Free Consulting” that is actionable are very good examples. Try out types of the verb and test which works better for your marketing plan.

4) Keep your CTA above the fold.

Make sure your prospects or website visitors can see your CTA when they even scroll down the webpage, they must see your at least one call to action is best practices to improve your click through rate. Try to keep your CTA buttons above the fold of your website.

5) Increase its relevancy level

Increasing the relevancy of call to action button or using relevant CTA’s will drive more traffic to your landing pages and a higher chance to get converted. Creating a button related to your current web page topic where you have attached your CTA is best and effective ways to call to action optimization.

6) Link to relevant landing page

Your prospect clicks on your Call to action button, because it speaks what you are going to provide when they have clicked If your prospects doesn’t find a page that what you’re promised, there is a chance your prospects will leave your website and will result decrease in click through rate.

7) Optimize your landing page.

Your Call to action are made to drive traffic to your landing pages you’ve specially created, but because some reason the visitors can leave your landing pages without notifying, Your landing should a convey an exact message to your CTA. For Example, Download Free EBook is your CTA, but if your visitor doesn’t get the exact message where they land, you are going to lose leads. Give them a reason “Why they should become a lead of yours?”

8) Place your CTA on relevant blog post.

Include your relevant CTA banners that match your blog post are the better chance get converted. For example if you would write a blog post about facebook marketing, include a call to action button about Download facebook whitepapers.

9) Creating Different CTA offers for Better optimization

Testing different CTA’s can offer different offers to visitors would appeal. For example, : If your visitor like Free Consulting offer Free consulting, some other may like to Download Free White Papers, You don’t know what exactly people love to. For that, trying different CTA will result in higher conversion rate.

10) Which works better OR Testing?

You must include the above nine best practices use of call to action and implementation, but now what happening and what effect results you may be getting. Good or bad test your different call to action using analytics tools and Website optimizer tool. Improve you CTA performance for better results.

Takeaway: What makes Perfect Conversion for your website, focus on creating call to action more compiling attractive for user, use colors, Images, text combination to give all new look that keeps your CTA button above the fold of your web page.

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