3 Things Your Marketing Partner Does Not Tell You

super-flightEnthusiastic and passionate your digital agency may well be, and few are shy about loudly promoting the ‘unparalleled’ standard of service or the market-leading customer care levels. But sometimes it’s difficult to swallow these lines when the standard of counsel and service offered by the digital agency falls some way short of what we might hope to expect.

Find below 5 things that your digital firm won’t ever tell you. They make for uncomfortable reading and offer most of us something to reflect upon.

1. You May Not be a Thought Leader

Do you have ideas that you think your company needs to act on to get ahead of the competition? Yet do you find yourself too frightened to air these ideas in public for fear they are de-cried? You may look like the person who appears to have the potential to become a thought leader but such reticence might diminish your ability to act on that role. It needs to be dealt with promptly, and with scrupulous honesty.

Of course, your PR agency doesn’t have any obligation to tell you things like this. As a result of considered reflection, you need to acknowledge any issues that you feel are relevant. Elect someone who you feel might be better able, or better suited, to a role that. Thought leadership is a daunting task requiring panache, flexible and commitment.

2. There is No Guarantee

Experience teaches us lessons if we care to learn. PR firms invest time and resources to reach decisions they feel are in the best interests of the client. Proposing what they believe to be the very best way of delivering a message to a market. These decisions are derived from observations and results of years of experience and thorough study. Like most things however, there is no guarantee that all your efforts will be awarded with sweet success as it ultimately boils down to what the public has perceived. How the public has interpreted the message. Massive proliferation of diverse social medias, help the pubic to get first-hand information and make an informed decision in a way that has never before been possible.

Modern consumers are believed to be more educated and more skeptical when it comes to brand patronage. The public may try the brand but before they adopt it as a regular preferred choice  they will discuss, and take sounding about the matter, their friends and relatives who may have used the product. Thus, generating word-of-mouth is a hugely valuable ability. A consistent flow of positive and favorable results arising from the ethical and practical use of the product is essential.

3. KPIs Are an Endangered Species

Conventional yardsticks to measure success are not as prevalent as they used to be. The explosion of social media in our midst has broken the traditional use of KPI which is viewed as obsolete in today’s digital world, though we can still set the common quantitative indicators mostly found in social media (number of comments, shares and tweets). It is, however, quite hard to tally up the qualitative data. With a single re-tweeting, you can effectively “smash” KPI. On the contrary, unexpected events such as crashing of live feeds of information may ruin the chance of presenting an otherwise favorable campaign.

Integrated campaigns, as most digital strategists know, are often paralleled with risk. They are aware that defining digital measurements is not an easy task, keeping the brand partners always on their feet and alert to trends.

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