5 Creative ways to become a blogging champ in your Industry

awardDeveloping regular content is a great way to build relationship with your readers in your industry. Do you ever dreamed of becoming a blogging champ in your industry. Driving quality traffic to your website? You may be wondering how a bloggers find content for their blog.  There is no secret to become a blogger champion in your industry. You can easily do this in few simple tactics.

Here are 5 Creative and easiest ways to become a blogging champion in your industry and generate blogging ideas for your own blog.

1) Answering to most likely asked question in your Industry. Write a blog post that can help your prospects to get answer to their questions. Few ways to do this by answering question asked on Yahoo Answers and Wiki Answers. This is the two great sites I really focus on generating new content ideas for my blog. And it really works like a charm for me.

2) Ask a Survey Question to your prospects this will help you develop a great content for your blog.

Here how you can do this:

  • Create simple Question survey to your industry using Survey Monkey or Any Latest Survey tools in your industry.
  • Ask the Question’s that you think this may help you to grow your industry blog.
  • Then study and Develop a results. You may achieve a Data that will be Golden nuts for your industry blog.

3) Invite Guest Blog authors to your blog, this strategy is the best way to generate fresh content to your blog. Have you ever noticed that industry top bloggers have multiple authors for their blog? Here are quick tips how multiple authors can help you to become a blogging champ in your industry.

  • You will receive high standard blog post written by industry experts by different voice.
  • Author will promote your blog, because they write for you.
  • Increase visibility on search result.
  • Develop new and high quality traffic.
  • Generate inbound links to your blog.

4) Integrating Social media sharing, this will help you to build your blog presence on social media website like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn & Pintrest.  You must be seen thousand of blogs that have social media sharing button on their every blog post, sidebar, the reason being having that to leverage their visitor to share the blog post on social media websites.

5) Integrating email subscription on your blog, which is the most important blogging element that your blog must have, this will help your reader to subscribe your blog and stay up-to-date with regular updates. This will dive in to heavy traffic to your website.

Marketing Takeaway: Writing blog’s on regular basis and developing content strategy will help you to become a blogging champ in your industry.

Please share your blogging Ideas with us to help our readers to find the answer to their question in comment section below.

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