5 Must have website marketing elements that will keep you stay ahead

website marketing elementsMarketing your website is doesnot mean that will help you generate leads for your website, for lead generation your perfect website that meets every inbound marketing requirement. If you are considering redesigning your website or creating a new website, you must have this fiveInbound Marketing elements that will keep you stay ahead of the competitors.

Have you ever tried spot out what are the element you are missing on your website, don’t worry Now you can implement this element and become a “lead nurturing rock star” right, Just kidding.

1) Headline: This is the first impression of your website, if you really want to grab your audience attention to rest of your website within 3 second a website need to give answered the question, what your audience looking for? Keep your headline to be clean and understandable. No stuffing

2) Primary Call to Action Button: CTA plays a most important role in your website marketing, because helps you to give your audience to provide a strong opportunity or reason to become a lead. Including multiple Call to Action above the fold of your web page is important driving conversional lead.

3) Customer Testimonials: Customer Testimonials are powerful trust indicator which helps your visitor to know closely about your company that how you served your customer satisfaction and why a visitor should become a lead for your company? Including few of your best quotes on your website with Photo will give a more real look.

4) Landing Pages: Landing Page is important if you have a Call to Action buttons on your website, if your visitor or prospects clicks on your call to action button, where they should land should provide a clear instruction about the Call to action as your prospects visited for using CTA. Try to implement separate Landing page for each CTA on your web page.

5) High Quality Images: Images are the typical and most important element in website marketing that must have, But only having an image is not enough, Image are the element that spoke to your audience that what are the rest of your webpage about Integrating High quality and relatives images will improve your site performance.

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