Why Article Spinning Software is a complete waste of time

Time-ManagementArticle Spinners are that software that takes one article and attempt to spin, create ‘n’ number of articles which are unique. But the million dollar question is does Article Spinning works?

The basic issue with article spinning software is that it uses “Stop Words”. And search engine ignores the Stop words. Article spinning cannot address this problem and in-fact may make things worse. Article spinning is a weak attempt to game search engine algorithms and as such should be used with care if used at all.

Search engines calculate the uniqueness of a document programmatically. Simply changing a few words here and there you will never ever work. By switching stop words such as ‘this’ to ‘those’ will make no difference when search engine views a page. This will annoy the visitor and they won’t even think to post a comment on the Article. So you have to make sure before using the spinning software.

Article Spinning and Stop Words

Stop words are extremely common words that search engines ignores while indexing pages. By simply switching stop words for example ‘this’ to ‘those’ will make no difference to the way a search engine views a page.

You have to ensure that how many stop words are used in the Article. So writing article is not that difficult but you need to keep a note on Stop Words that have been used in the article.

It is good if you write an article on your own which is eventually 100% genuine and it will reach the targeted audience. I understand that many authors use Article Spinning to rewrite and reposition their own work in order to escape duplicate content filters. However, same article, untouched and un-spun, produces the results and you will achieve good rankings and passing link juice is eventually goanna happen.

Takeaway: Don’t use article spinning software for your business, because it doesn’t have ability provide you human written article. Spend some time to write article with your own mind, this leads increase search engine visibility and builds your personal brand.

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