Beware of comment spammers and How to Spot them?

comment spammersBlog Commenting is the tremendous growing market in the inbound marketing world, but do you know there is thousands of comment spammer looking for your blog to spam your blog community. They just want links and traffic to their website; they don’t care about our community or websites. Now it’s time to spot them and block them from our blog. I am going to show you some tips and tricks to spot them and block their comment on your blog spam box.

For wordpress blog: WordPress is has great security functionality you can add to your blog. If you are using wordpress blog, you never need to worry about you blog can be hacked or spammed with thousands of spammers. WordPress has its own add-on’s functionality you can add-on your blog with few clicks and setting. The add-on are said to be “Plug-ins”

Here is little security measure and plug-in must be used to protect you blog from spammers and you can easily spot them.

Use Akismet Plugin: This wordpress plug-in has its own functionality to stop comment spammers from automated commenting. This plugin will automatically detect spam comments and add those comments in to your blog spam comment box, where you can check manually and can be approve it. You can also add spam words in the setting of Akismet, so that when the commenter type those kind of words, it will automatically consider as spam

Disable Auto Comment approval: Disabling auto comment approval from your wordpress blog will help you to check those comment manually and approve it. This will surely reduce 50% of comment spamming, but need little effort.

Use Disqus comment system: Disqus is the most popular comment system is being used by trusted blogger and available for download FREE, can be installed easily in wordpress. When you install disqus in your wordpress blog, please make sure you disable your default comment system used by wordpress in setting area. Disqus keep track on all of your comments and auto detects spam comment on your blog.

Better wp Security Plugin: This is the Free security plugin you can used to protect your blog from spammers, hackers and malware attack easily. The plugins has 100s of functionality to protect blog. Like detecting virus, limit login, hide backend, restrict file and much more. I will highly recommend plugin must be installed every wordpress blog.

For other Blogs: Other blogs like Blogger, Typad or has its own built-in functionality managed by the site administrator to stop comment spammer to post spam comments, Only you have enable those functionality using few tweaks. You can browse through their help sections on How to enable this functionality.

Regardless how thoroughly you set up and set the right plugins, you bet thoroughly you scan the blog comments; it’s inevitable that some spam comments will steal past your plugin. Personally look into your comments, especially on your old posts, every couple of months and manually drop the spam.

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