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Big Promos-Big ManagementUsing a sweepstakes as a promotional tool comes with many benefits. It allows a company to promote their business in a fun and engaging way, and it allows the company to earn new customers.

When a company decides to implement a sweepstakes as a marketing tactic, many turn to the aid of a sweepstakes promotions company to help them create, administer and manage it for them.

A sweepstakes promotions company is a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to help other businesses effectively run their sweepstakes. These companies can help your business run a traditional or online sweepstakes and can help with any and all aspects of your campaign.

When you enlist the help of a promotions company, you will receive many more benefits than you would had you created and ran the sweepstakes on your own. A great promotions company will easily provide your business with the following.

Sweepstakes Creation

A promotions company can create your sweepstakes for you. They can decide which type of sweepstakes is the best fit for your business, what type of promotions you should use to generate awareness about the contest, and how you should go about running your sweepstakes. This takes all of the brainstorming and creation off your shoulders.

Legal Requirements

Implementing a sweepstakes requires legal action. You may need to register your sweepstakes through your state and file certain paperwork. Depending on how your sweepstakes is being run, you may need to follow certain guidelines on websites that are being used, and the promotions company will know exactly how to register the sweepstakes and follow the guidelines so that your contest does not break any rules.

The promotions company can also create your sweepstake’s official rules as well as eligibility/promotion affidavits and have them reviewed by a lawyer in order to ensure that they are completely accurate and provide your applicants with everything they need to know while also protecting your company from lawsuits.

Managing Applicants

The applicants that enter your sweepstakes need to be managed, and a promotions company can do this for you. They can either create the database needed for the applicants to register online, or they can enter in all the data from the applicants who enter via mail or text. If you are allowing applicants to enter through the mail, the promotions company can set up the PO Box needed to receive the entries.

Winner Selection and Notification

Since the winner of a sweepstakes is chosen at random, the promotions company can have the responsibility of selecting the winner. But not only will they determine who wins, but they can also be responsible for notifying the winner, ensuring that they’re eligible to receive the prize, get all legal documents signed and filed and set up a time and place for the winner to receive their prize.

When you hire a promotions company to help your business run your sweepstakes, they can literally do everything for you. All you have to do is hire the right company and enjoy the perks associated with running a contest.

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