How to build Natural Inbound links the Ninja way

Natural Inbound linksInbound links are still the Strongest and Crucial SEO signals that Google consider regards to social signals. But Link Building as totally be changed after Google Penguin update and hardest part is it has become very difficult to get links from highest authority sources in natural way. Human made links are non-natural and Google Algorithm doesn’t give higher value to those links, so how you can build links that looks natural and not created by Human. Ssssh…There is no secret in this; you can build natural links with some effort and hard work. I am gone a show you the way that thousands of branded companies used to build natural links

Still Content plays a major role is SEO world, without content their no SEO OR No Ranking.  Do you know content can earn you a links as much you want?

Here is how you can build content to gain automatic natural links

Website: Write content for your website that should be informative and attractive, should offer some value to user and encourage visitors to link to your content.

Blogs: Write blog article informative and attractive, so that visitor willing to share your content on their website

Guest Blogging: I can say the best and easiest method to earn Inbound Links to yours website. Guest blogging can offer great content to their website in exchange some links to your website.

Enable Guest blogging on your blog: By doing so, you will earn high quality content from different kind of authors. Do you Know, people love many kind sounds and speeches instead of hearing single voice. As SEO is all about content, the more quality content you have on your blog, you will rank better.

Presentation and Other Document: Create Presentation and eBooks and share it to the world for FREE, Definitely you will gain new and natural inbound links to your website.

Videos: Create Original and Insight video tutorials on how-to guide and share it to world most popular video sharing site YouTube, and you will definitely gain some linking to it. Interview an Industry giant and Launch a webinar are the best way to encourage natural inbound links to your website.

Images: Attractive & Useful info graphics related to be business can be quite handy link building too for your businessbut be original and informative

Local Business Promotion: local business promotion creates more business authorities links to your website from local search engines like Google Place, Yahoo Place, Bing Place and Yellow Pages

Relationship Building: Relationship is one of the lovely strategies to make friends, I mean generating inbound links in your niches. Let them help your business grow automatically. Build relationship with your related niches by engaging forums, blogs and other communities’ website. Follow-up reviews, Answer to their questions regularly.

Product Listing: If you have an e-commerce website that sell products online, you must consider listing your website one of the three best shopping listing website Google Shopping,Yahoo Shopping and Bing Shopping. This will not only help your product to be listed in shopping search, but you will gain some link authority to your website.

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