How To Buy Links Without Trying To Pull The Wool Over Google’s Eyes

When you’re trying to rank for popular keywords you need to get powerful links, but they are not easy to come by. You can spend months trying to get some organically, or you can pay for them and get the results you want a lot quicker. I know this sounds scary because people want you to believe that buying links is a bad idea, but it all depends how you do it.

You will obviously end up in huge trouble if you pay to join a link farm. If you buy a link from someone and Google finds out what they are doing it could seriously affect you. You just need to get a little creative about how you pay for the links. There are ways to spend money without necessarily trying to pull the wool over Google’s eyes and you’re about to find out how to do it.

Buy an expired domain

There are a huge amount of websites expiring right now because people don’t care about them anymore. Some of these domains will have a high PageRank and when they expire you can quickly pick them up. After you grab a domain you just need to build a simple site and stick a few relevant articles on it. Now link out to your blog and it will help your rankings.

Get some software

If you want to make life easier on yourself you can buy software that will help you build links. Some certain software will be able to analyze your competitor’s website and tell you where they are getting their links from. You can then go to the same places and try to get the same links. If you want to stray away from white hat methods you can also use tools that will build links for you.

Sponsor a podcast

You have probably noticed how popular podcasts are becoming and some people are getting millions of downloads each month from iTunes. A lot of them look for companies to sponsor their show and you will get a mention somewhere during the recording. Because their podcast is popular their website will be too and you will get a link somewhere in the show notes.

Build someone a website

There is a huge amount of people who don’t have a website. If you know how to build simple sites you could offer to give one to a business as long as they include a link to your website somewhere on the homepage. If you have ninja designs skills you can do the same thing except you will be able to make their site look beautiful in exchange for a link.

Buy someone’s product

An easier way of getting to know someone is by buying their product. Once you spend money it will allow you to have access to them. If you email them you will be taken more seriously because you have put food in their child’s mouth. Use their product and achieve great results and they might use you as a case study because it will help them sell more products.

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