Do you make this common blogging mistakes?

common blogging mistakesBlogs are said to be topes marketing channel over the world, thousands of companies used to blog on regular basis for their company news, brand awareness and much more thing. Some of the people used to blog only because of making some extra cash apart from their regular income, but Do you know in that 30% bloggers only gets successes and remaining failed to achieve their goals because of few silly blogging mistakes. If you are a one of them, you are making this blogging mistakes. I am going to show, what are the blogging mistakes that people always used to make and how we can resolve them.

Not planning before you start blogging: Every business will get successes if it has perfect plan, but some of the bloggers are so lazy they don’t want to create a plan of action for the website blog, and I can understand why they do this may be lack of time, getting bored and much more. Even most of the time this happens to me, but if you have perfect planning on first step to blogging up to last step, your blogging success is guaranteed.

Use of overcrowded sidebars: Navigation is the key to success of your blog and that relates to your blog sidebar. Few bloggers do crazy tricks to monetize their blog using sidebar by including unwanted blog rolls links, Non relative’s ads and much more. Try to Monetize with Relevant ads that matches to your blog post or pages; this will increase your conversion and click-through rate, if you are using ads on your blog sidebar. Don’t include non relevant links to your blog sidebar, try to merge links that most or can say relevant to your niche you are writing.

Not redesigning your blog often: Do you know why your 90% percent of visitors get bored with your blog post, because of your design looks crazy and lazy, try to redecorate your website frequently. Check your analytics for the reason you need redesigning your blog?

Forgetting to check your blog design over multiple browsers: What make your blog bounce rate increases, this is the common question asked by many blog entrepreneur when looking at their analytics metrics, and the reason may be browser compatibility or some other problematic reason. Test your blog, does your blogs runs on every latest browser available in the market like Firefox, chrome, internet explorer, etc.

Not adding RSS feed to your blog: This is the most deadly mistakes should avoid by adding RSS feed to your blog. RSS feed gives your visitor or customers to subscribe and stay up to date to your blog on the go; you can use free RSS to tools that many industry bloggers used to Google RSS Feed.

Not allowing people to comment: Are you afraid of people comments, what they will speak about your blog post, is this will good or Bad, I say, if you are practicing this blogging mistake STOP NOW! Open your heart to people let them comment and engage with your post, answer to their query is the best way to give reason to your visitors the revisit your blog. In short, be loyal.

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