What Is Copywriting And Why Do You Need It For Business Success?

Website CopywritingCopywriting is what is described in the advertising industry as writing articles solely for marketing purposes.  Whether those marketing purposes are related to ideas, services or products is irrelevant.  It isn’t the same as writing for a newspaper or writing your own book, because the style is different and the purpose is different.  What you want to do is grab people’s attention, you want to speak to their feelings and you want them to react with an action.  Many copywriters work for large advertising agencies and work together with marketing specialists and graphic artists to combine words and images into something that sells.

Finding Your Audience

The first thing I learned when I got into the world of copywriting was to understand my audience.  You need to know who you are writing to before you even know why you are writing to them.  You should be given a profile of the demographics.  Are they men or women, old or young, buying or selling?  What do they like, what are their habits, why are they looking for whatever you will be writing about?  Personally, I found I was operating more and more as a psychologist.  It may sound a bit much, but without this information, you won’t be able to grab their attention the right way.  You are trying to sell them something and they’re not going to buy something of you unless you tell them what they want to hear.

Unique Selling Proposition

This is one word I heard again and again.  Before I started copywriting, I had heard the term USP before and I personally thought it was a spelling mistake for UPS.  I remember thinking how stupid UPS was for making such a basic mistake and that they really should get someone to look at this.  Luckily, I quickly figured out that I was wrong – admitting mistakes is another important part of copywriting by the way.  So what is the Unique Selling Proposition?  Basically, they are a couple of short sentences that immediately show how the company you are writing for is different and – most importantly – better than anybody else.  A lot of people call it the elevator pitch.  If you work for one company, you’re in luck because you will only have to write this once.  If you’re like me, however, you will have to write it again and again for different and sometimes competing companies.

Action, Interest, Desire, Action

AIDA, a beautiful girl’s name that also turns out to be a copywriting term, stands for Action, Interest, Desire, Action.  This is what you need to be able to achieve with any piece you write.  Your initial action is that you write something.  From the first words you put down on paper, you reader has to have an increased interest.  By continuing to read – because they are interested – you start to tickle their desire.  By the end of your text, they will want whatever it is you are selling them.  That, in turn, leads to the last action, which is that of the reader who will now buy your product, service or idea.

Copywriting isn’t as easy as it sounds, but with the right tools and knowledge, you should do great.  Remember USP (not UPS) and AIDA and you should be fine.  So long as you are creative that is.

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