Create a Business Blog in 40 Minutes [Infographic]

Creating a blog for your business is one of the best ways to attract more customers.  As you blog, make sure you do not just talk about your business though.  You need to focus on creating content that your customers will naturally be interested in.

For example, if you own a plant nursery, then you would want to blog about topics such as: gardening tips, the best time to plant a new garden, how to get the most out of your plants and/or the best types of soil for different plant species.

This type of information is much more likely to be read by your potential customers.  And because they will actually read it, they will see that it is coming from your business.  It is a form of soft selling that is very effective.  The key is to blog regularly and provide valuable content to your audience.

If you wish to learn about creating a business blog, then you may want to follow these steps:

  • Buy a domain from a hosting website if your firm doesn’t have an official website.
  • Select the right kind of blogging platform
  • Develop marketing objections for your business
  • Choose a theme for your blog and get a template that will best fit in with your needs
  • Determine the number of blogs your firm will need
  • Find high quality writers who will be adding content for your blog
  • Plan how you will promote your blog and learn basic SEO tactics
  • Choose professional consultants who will help you achieve the best results with your blog.

Finally, remember that blogging is an art. Starting out is easy since there are many aids you can use at the initial stages. With time, you will get a grasp of things and be better at blogging. Only then should you start using it to promote your business.


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