Creating Actionable Content

Creating Actionable ContentWe have covered quite a few blogs to assist your business in creating content for you website that will in enhance your SEO. Content is one of the best SEO tools that you can use to increase your visibility on search engines. In our previous blogs we covered preparing to write your content through research and knowing your audience and our last blog covered building credibility.

This blog is going to focus on creating actionable content on your website, yet another step towards being prepared to write your content.

What Is Actionable Content

People look for a list of things from the content on a website. They look not only for credibility and wording, but they also look for the content to be actionable. Content that is actionable is content that they can use. For example, if you were to look up a website about how to style hair, you want actionable content that is going to show you how to do it, not just show you pictures of the finished product.

When you are creating your websites content, you want to make sure it is full of information that can be used, if the customer can’t use the content, then it is pretty much useless to them.

Creating Actionable Content

If you are not sure how to create actionable content for your readers, you need to ask yourself the basic questions of understanding your audience. But instead of following the first step of understanding your audience, you need to understand your audience from your own viewpoint.

SEO tools are great for assisting you in getting to know your audience, use these tools to figure out how to make your content actionable.

Ask yourself what you expect your readers to get from your content, do you want them to feel a specific way, think a specific way, or actually do something physical? Using our own blog for example, our blog wants you to feel SEO tools are necessary for success, we want you to think about how these tools could benefit your business, and we want you to physically use these services to increase your search engine visibility.

At this point you wan to focus on your topic, what you want to talk about and how you are going to get your point across, using our blog again, we decided to create a knowledgeable blog about writing strong content focusing on the main points of preparing, education, and then creation.

These main points will assist businesses in creating strong points that they can understand writing content is not just no big deal, it’s a process, that needs to be acted on step by step in order to achieve the best results from your SEO services.

How To Tell If You Are Using Actionable Content

You are going to want to do a self-evaluation to see if your using actionable content on your website. This evaluation is simple and requires you to ask yourself a few questions to see if you view your own content as actionable.

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