Creating Website Of A New Genre Is The Fastest Way To Succeed

Creating Website Of A New Genre When you sit down to plan your next website, the chances are that you are going to think about making a site for one of the most competitive niches and one of the most popular categories. This might mean for instance that you plan to make a website on making money online, or it might mean you plan to make one on getting fit. Maybe you

intend to make one on general health or dating. In short though, you will probably go for something that is regularly searched for and that lots of people are demanding. This is all fine and well and of course it only stands to reason that you would want to make something that people will want to see.

However making something that lots of people want also has another downside – which is that you will be making something that lots of people are already catering for. You won’t have been the first person to think this is a good idea and if you make a bodybuilding website then you are going to be going up against hundreds of other people who have built similar websites, and it’s going to be hard to differentiate yourself, and hard to break new ground and get people talking.

Do something that falls into a slightly smaller niche on the other hand and you will be able to target an audience that is probably hungry for what you’re going to provide and that doesn’t have lots of other places to get it. Furthermore, create some new kind of niche or some new combination and you will be able to get much more attention and be more memorable.

In other words then, while you might want to have one or two money making and bodybuilding websites, you should also try to be a bit more creative and think outside the box somewhat. Following are some examples of the kinds of websites that get forgotten by a lot of webmasters and online entrepreneurs.

Fan Sites

Fan sites are actually perfect for many reasons. First of all, if you make a fan site then you will have a source of breaking news that you can report on meaning that you have lots of articles to write and lots of opportunities to get to the top of the SERPs. At the same time you have a built in niche audience with obvious marketing opportunities and who will often be quite obsessive as fans and thus be hungry for any information you give them.

Quiz Sites

Quiz sites are another of those websites that get forgotten about but that have a lot of big benefits. Here you create a number of quizzes using java and PHP that can tell people ‘which Friends character’ they are, or what their ‘emotional IQ’ is. These things have a permanent appeal that is founded in the vanity that almost everyone has deep down. We love learning about ourselves and we love bragging about it. A the same time these sites are very easy to share with others and have a good chance of going viral, and each page holds the attention of the user for a while.

Games Sites

Likewise another alternative to a content based website is to provide games on your site (or even just one game). Again this has a big benefit when it comes to keeping your traffic and bringing it back, especially if it’s addictive, and again it’s the kind of thing that can spread easily. What other alternatives to the obvious website topics can you think of?

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