What are the effective ways to use call to action?

CTA plays a most important role in your lead generating campaign, Do you ever considering focusing your CTA’s effectiveness. I mean by how they work, How much lead they are currently generating for you, If you question to answer is no, I have some effective best practices to use call to action on your web pages to increase your leads. Many web experts are being using this technique for their lead nurturing campaign.

Convey your true message: Write a clear message on your CTA Buttons, that drive clearly message to your audience to action that what they will benefit from by clicking the button.

Include your CTA Button after every Blog post: Including CTAs in your blog post that relates to your blog post double your chance to increase in lead conversion. This is one of the mostly used and effective ways to use call to action.

Include CTA in your Landing pages: if you don’t have CTA on your landing page, what the use of that landing page. Landing pages are mostly made for lead conversion campaign, try to include at least one CTA that will generate you lead.

Using a call to action in presentation: Do you speak in conference or in events, as per event guidelines you can include one call to action in your presentation deck that relates to your topic what you are speaking about. You can also include your CTA in slide share presentation making for the company.

Email Marketing: Every email you used sent to your audience should have one call to action. Infect the subject line to grab attention to your prospects should come to know what you are offering and why they should open your email.

In Videos: You may be creating videos for the company marketing plan, but do you know video can generate quality leads for your website including a call to action. Videos are best, and one of the mostly used tactics to generate leads using a call to action. Try to include a call to action at the end of the video. For Example : Thank you for watching video. Video from So n so…

In Email signature: Include a call to action on your personal email signature and encourage your employers or team members to do the same.

On Facebook: Facebook offers many ways to include a call to action that covey your brand messages using sponsored stories, custom tabs, images, etc.

Including CTA on Twitter Background: Twitter offer custom background where you can show your call to action with simple integrating custom background design

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