Why external links are important in the SEO process?

link buildingYou have successfully bought a domain to set up an online business. You have really worked hard for getting the good design and Google’s ranking. At the final point, you have succeeded in your business. So, is it all over?  When you think about your online business success, the first thing that strikes your mind is the Google ranking. Yes. Each and every business owner likes to bring their own website to the top of Google. A rich business owner can choose advertisement, whether it is an online advertisement or TV ads, that doesn’t matter. Finally, all businesses need brand awareness. Let us focus now only on the external linking. Why do you need to give external links to other pages? Is it necessary? I have provided some useful information about this, in the following paragraphs.

Follow the ‘give to receive’ policy:

An online marketing professional works hard to research and publish quality content on the web. Only the top-quality writings are highly ranked in the internet. The hook is “Google needs quality content, in return – it provides the traffic”. If you allow external links to other pages (a quality resource), it can boost up your page traffic in many ways. Probably, others can link back to your own website. The reciprocal link might bring lot of useful and relevant traffic to your business page. If you link to a page which enabled the trackback services, additional traffic is possible from the trackback section.

Social promotion from other members:

Consider that your page A has given link to page B and C. People who are the owners of B and C have come to know that you have given a strong back link to their webpage. Hence they would like to promote your webpage in their own social media circle and also bookmark it. The major advantage is the increase in social promotion and brand awareness.

Note: Google ranks a webpage to the best, if it has more number of social media sharing count.

Check the relevancy:

Suppose your webpage is about the ‘health’, you should give external links to only health-related websites. Inappropriate and wrong external links affects the quality of your webpage and finally the Page rank. In the comment section, remove all the spam (unrelated) websites and allow only relevant links. Most of the people love to write comments specifying their business name or keyword in the name field of the comment section. Don’t worry too much? If it is a relevant and real business with good quality content, you may give a link to them. Google loves relevancy and people expect only the relevant information to show up on the Google.

Limitations in the external links:

It is always good to link the other web pages, but it should be in the limited manner. Having more number of links on a page – You may get penalized by Google for the link farming process. I suggest you to have 3 ordinary links in the content section of the web page and 15 nofollow types of links in the comment section (that is your discussion area). Close your comment section after the par is reached.

Give external links but not the paid links:

The Google algorithm is getting tougher to kill the spamming process. I believe that paid links would be dead soon. Why? It is actually not benefiting the users and Google. Think about the internet world, full of paid links and no information. Could you able to realize it? Hence in my opinion, paid links will get demolished soon by the Google’s effective algorithm. It is similar to the “Go green or go black”.

Do not make your website, the dead end:

Think about small and medium businesses. They need to promote their business online. The only way is to build quality incoming links. A rich business owner can advertise, spend lot of money on banner advertisement to get the brand recognition. Most of the SMEs in the world, brand their business by giving useful product information (product review), content and videos to the internet audience. If your website doesn’t allow the natural linking process, it is a dead end situation. You will lose the traffic and nobody gains from you. Love the internet and other good businesses in the internet world.

Inside the circle of marketing, information is the center point:

No business companies can succeed without the marketing. Hence if you like to profit from others, allow other people to profit from you. Give external links to trusted resources and succeed in your marketing campaign!

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