How To Make Free Shipping Work For Your Business

Free Shipping Works for BusinessFree shipping is a very good strategy to employ in your business. A lot of customers get encouraged to shop when they see that Free Shipping offer. Free shipping is a bit tricky though and if you are not careful, you may end up with losses instead of profits. Here are a few tips to make this special offer work for your business.

Make it time specific

Giving a limit to your Free Shipping offer gives a sense of urgency to your customers. They will be encouraged to buy now to avail of the savings.

Be fair

You should also gain something in return with this special promotion and you can do that by setting a minimum amount of purchase to avail of the discount. Calculate how much a customer needs to spend so that you can recoup your shipping expenses and at the same time gain some profit.

Be fair in setting a minimum amount of purchase. If it’s too low, you will definitely lose money. If it’s too high, no one will buy. One trick to figure this threshold out is to add 10 to 20% to the average order that you get daily.

Highlight the savings

You know how you react to a very visual appealing email? That’s the same with your customers. People are visual. They need to see (rather than read) something attractive in order to react. Aside from sending a visually attractive email about your special offer, highlight the amount they save in the checkout page. This can also give you added sales because they can spend the money they saved on other items in your shop.

End points

Remember that at the end of the day, you want to showcase your products and not the free shipping offer. Strengthen your product identity by supporting it with strong marketing efforts. After you have an established name in the market, the free shipping offer will just be icing on the cake. Your customers will buy regardless of the offer.

You can also try other offers such as discounts, credits or coupons. People like to see different things every day. Don’t allow them to be bored with your emails. Spike up your emails with tutorials, photos, contests and other interesting stuff that will keep your customers wanting more.

Free shipping involves careful planning but if you can pull it off, you can have a go-to offer all throughout the year especially on days when business is slow. It’s a good way to boost sales and nudge your customers to visit your site again.

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