Guide To Practical Facebook Tactics For Selling Homes

Selling your own home can be a good way to save money on the real estate commission, and keep more cash in your own pocket. While many people try doing a “for sale by owner,” a lot of them are not successful in marketing their own properties. In order to sell a house, you need plenty of exposure for your property. One of the most effective ways to market your property is with social media sites like Facebook. Here are a few tips on how to use Facebook to sell your house.

Create a Facebook Page

When you want to sell a property through Facebook, it is imperative to create a specific Facebook page for this purpose. The process of creating a Facebook page is similar to making your own profile. You’ll need a profile in order to create a page. You can include some information about your house on the Facebook page, and set up the layout like you want. It usually a good idea to pin a prominent post at the top of the page, so that your subsequent postings do not push down the important information.

Add Pictures

One of the nice things about using Facebook to promote a house is that it allows you to share multiple pictures with your visitors. People like to be able to see a house before they get interested in it. With Facebook, you can upload many different photos of the property. Upload a picture of the outside of the house or a prominent feature of the property as the cover image on your profile. Then consider uploading pictures of the individual rooms inside the house as well. This will help give your visitors a clear picture of what the house has to offer.

Build Your Readership

Simply putting up a Facebook page for your house is not going to be enough. You have to have some people look at the page in order to make any difference. This is going to require you to build a readership of your page. Start out by sending out messages on your own Facebook profile to get your friends to like the page. Consider joining some groups in your region and sharing the link with the people of the group. You may also want to include the link on your blog, in forums and in other social media networks like Twitter.

Post Content

Once you have a few people who like your page, it is important to regularly post content to your page. By doing this, it will get the information to the top of other people’s feeds regularly. If you want to get noticed, you have to continually stay in their feeds. It might be a good idea to post something two or three times a day about the house. It can be difficult to come up with new information about your house that often, but it can really help.

Traditional Marketing

Although using Facebook to help sell your house is a good idea, you still need to use regular marketing techniques. For example, you need a for sale sign in the yard, and you should consider having an open house. Create some fliers to pass out, and do your best to make them look good.

If you’ll keep these tips in mind, you should be able to increase exposure to your property, and potentially sell it quickly.

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