Most Interesting Website Designs You Will Ever See

pen ideasIf you need to create a website, do not stick to the boring basics. Why not be a bit creative when it comes to the design? The website that you are creating should tell people a little bit about you, or your company, or whatever it is that you want to tell the world about. Website designers are really creative and have come up with a lot of ways to spice websites up. I have compiled a list of links to some really interesting looking website designs. The ones I have chosen stood out and caught my attention for two reasons. 1) They’re colourful. 2) They are unique and it shows that the designers made an effort to create them.

These are the ones that I liked. This website has a hilarious cartoon design. It is really unique and has a whole lot of images on the homepage. This website is designed the way it sounds. It is filled with little motivational phrases and images. This one is perfect to take a look at when you are feeling down. On this website you’ll see a lot of happy looking alien animations. They look similar to the monsters in the android advertisements. This website is just beautiful and uniquely designed. There is a rooster on the top of a chest of drawers, standing next to a paper hat. How unique is that? This website is designed with handwritten illustrations. It reminds me of a book I read when I was still in primary school. The design takes me on a trip down memory lane. Now this one is really interesting. The website has a picture of the whole team on the homepage. The pictures are in black and white, and when you click through their website it is like going through a photo gallery of the people working there. On the homepage there is a pair of checkered shoes, and the caption says “I’m the guy with checkered shoes”. This website actually belongs to a musician. Maybe he got picked on for wearing checkered shoes… Maybe. This website was designed for an art gallery. It is by far the most interesting website ever. On the homepage you will see a little caption which says “little bird do not lose your dream to fly”. While scrolling down the homepage, you’ll find a hilarious blog as well as a video clip. Ten points for creativity to this designer! I love colours too! And this website has been designed with A LOT of it. The first thing that caught my eye about this website design was the caption right on top which says “Hi, I’m Brad. I like to destroy stuff”, but the world “Destroy” was scratched out and the word “create” was written on top of the caption. The second thing that caught my eye was that they have the little puppy from Marley and Me on the homepage. I loved that movie, and the puppy is extremely adorable.

So, now that you have the links to some interesting website designs, I hope you’ll find some inspiration and be more creative when it comes to your website. Find something unique and make it your own. Add a picture or two of yourself or your product. Make it interesting so that other people could enjoy it. If you are not creating a website, follow the links anyway. They lead to the most interesting website designs you would ever see, and you might just get inspired to create your own website. And when you do decide to build your own website, try wix, weebly, google sites or webs You might even design something better than the designers I have listed.

Guest Post by: Mauricia is working as an online copywriter for the popular CMS development agency, Karma Digital Media.

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