How Mercedes Benz Is Conquering Social Media

1994-1999 Mercedes-Benz S-Class SWB photograph...

1994-1999 Mercedes-Benz S-Class SWB photographed in USA. Category:Mercedes-Benz W140 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many automakers are using social media in order to build brand awareness and appeal to a younger demographic. It isn’t any different with the upscale luxury brands; Mercedes Benz is embracing social media and technology in order to provide potential buyers with a digital and interactive showroom and shopping experience. The German luxury automaker has also used Twitter in order to build its Tweet Fleet campaign. Let’s take a look at what online advertisers can learn from Mercedes social media strategy.

A Digital Showroom Experience

It’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to sales and Mercedes has done just that with a futuristic digital showroom experience. The state of the art showroom is located in Milan, Italy and allows potential buyers to explore the A-Class via a LCD screen. Interactive media is a much more user-friendly way to convey a car’s features instead of the old fashioned way of having a sales associate giving the buyer the scoop. Adding a high-tech slant to the buying experience is an excellent way to attract younger buyers, especially since the A-Class is Mercedes’ more affordable entry-level offering. These buyers will eventually rise in their ca

reers and have more disposable income to spend on the brand’s more upper-level trims such as the E-Class and S-Class. Customers are also able to access their social media networks via in-store devices. Enabling easy access to social media sites encourages customers to post on their Twitter account that they are at the dealership; similar to Yelp “check-ins” and Foursquare which lets your friends know you’ve just “checked in” at a local business. Studies have shown that younger buyers are more likely to be influenced by social media and to conduct online research prior to making a major purchase.

Mercedes Tweet Fleet Campaign

Most companies use Twitter in order to make announcements about their brand and sales. Mercedes had a group of fleet cars drive through the city of Stuttgart, Germany and look for empty parking spaces. Every time an empty spot was found, the German automaker would announce the location of the empty space through their Tweet Fleet Twitter account. This is a great of an example of a company using social media in order to provide a service with actual value for potential buyers. It’s definitely a great way to stand out of the crowd when many companies are posting tweets that may be perceived as excessive self-promotion.

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