About The Company

Jingukid is an integrated and a comprehensive media concern in India involved in edutainment content production & distribution across various electronic & digital platforms.


  • Modernize their online presence and reflect their brand culture with updated brand standards
  • Create a sophisticated experience for users to be able to easily browse and select video, Personalize dashboard & Personalizing the user experience browsing videos
  • Improve device accessibility through Responsive Web Design
  • Increase organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion


  • UX Design & Content Strategy
  • Custom Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • WordPress CMS Development
  • Future-Friendly Web Development

Jingukid is a huge website with a lot of content to manage. They required a site boasting visual appeal and smart functionality. Our backend work nicely complemented the branded storytelling approach fostered by our UX and content strategists. With multiple levels of development and interconnectivity on every page, our developers made it easy for visitors to navigate program information without getting lost. Improved share-ability permits prospective child to engage with the child development video on a social level.

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