Six reasons why your website needs to be redesign

website needs to be redesignAre you thinking to redesign your website, but wait? Why you required, redesigning your website? Redesigning your websiteneeds lots of research and trends, required to clarify what exactly going to help you out when you redesign your website. Many of the webmasters redesign their whole website only because of simple and stupid reason “Because my website design looks clumsy”, but there are several aspects and reason must consider before redesigning or redevelopment.

Best six reasons to be considered before redesigning.

1. Does your current website qualified for lead nurturing?

Open your analytics software you’re using and have a look does your website drives leads to you if so then you need to focus on which page drives more leads. According to your website analytics you need plan your further step to redesign. I have been using these techniques many of times, if I need any of my client’s website to redesign.

2. Navigation

Navigation is one biggest and crucial factors to keep your visitors engaged to your website. If you want people to find your each and every piece of content, you need to be clearly structure navigation of your website.

3. Share ability

Sharing function on your website is the best way to engage your audience. Social media are exceptionally growing on the web space over a time. People will like it and share to their friends with ease if your website is socially sharable. Does your website have this function? If the answer, to this question is “No”, then your website required redesign.

4. Blogging

Blogging is the best and effective way to market your website online. Blogging give a fresh content and helps as a add-on content. The more content you have, the more success you are going to achieve.  Does your blog is integrated with your main website.

5. Accessibility

Does your current website is accessible from anywhere from the world? I mean does it can be accessible from any kind of device. In today, 21st century more than 35% of internet users browse from their mobile device. Mobile marketing is the future of the internet marketing world. Try to create mobile compatible website, if you don’t have

6. Call to Action Positions

Call to Action plays a sales person role on your website. “Hi! I am call to action can you buy this”. Just think if you don’t have your sales persons on your company, who is going to make sales for you. Integrating a call to action on your website may lead to generate more leads for your company.

Takeaway: Analyze and test the Important Online Marketing elements whenever you think about redesigning your website. This makes your website perfection.

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