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Information productInformation products have become a new business since the creation of the internet and especially the blogosphere. Many people see this as a get-rich-quick scheme, but the truth is that while information products can be a successful business, it requires a great amount of effort. The real advantage is that once you do the legwork of creating a marketable product, there is little to no production involved, and you have an unlimited supply of product to sell.

The keys to having a successful information product include establishing a successful blog where you can market and sell the product, determining the market which you will target and properly creating and securing your product so it can be repeatedly sold.

Establish Your Blog

Information products are most successfully sold from well-established blogs. This is because the successful blogger already has a following, knows the needs of his readers and is generally considered an expert in his field by his readers. If you don’t already have an established blog, this might be the most time-consuming step toward starting your information product business, but it is very essential.

  • Choose a topic for your blog that you are passionate about and stick to that topic. If you find you are interested in writing on a number of topics, start separate blogs for each one. The more specific your blog is, the more readers will follow it, and you will have an easier time determining the needs of your target market when developing an information product to sell.
  • Set goals for the number of subscribers to guide you in establishing your blog. Consider that most blogs selling information products have a conversion rate of 1-5%. This means that for every 100 visitors, one to five of them will buy the product. Set goals based on how many sales you hope to make.
  • Establish your expertise by keeping updated on the topics related to your blog’s focus. Make regular posts with relevant information. Subscribe to similar blogs and find opportunities to link those readers to your blog with guest posts and comments.
  • Use keywords, tags and other strategies to increase the visibility of your blog.

Know Your Market

Establishing your blog allows you to determine your target market. As you read comments from readers on your blog and other similar blogs, you will discover the needs of your market. With so much free information on the internet, a successful information product needs to be a cut above what consumers can research on their own.

  • Investigate your market. Create a solution they are actually looking for rather than creating a solution and then looking for the problem.
  • People are most likely to pay for solutions that fulfill an urgent need.

Create Your Product

Information products can be videos, audio recordings, e-books or any combination thereof. The advantage of selling these downloadable products is that you don’t have to ship them and there is very little, if any, production costs involved. You will never run out of product so you can easily keep up with demand.

Simplify your idea wherever possible. Many people attempting to start out in this business get overwhelmed with grand plans and then succumb to procrastination. A half-finished e-book hiding in a folder on your PC won’t make you any money.

Properly securing your product is another important part of its creation. The advantage of using PDF files for written information products is that you can control the security settings so your product can’t be reproduced or redistributed by the buyers. You can create a security code so that the PDF file can only be opened by the consumer. You can also restrict printing so customers can’t print the file and then scan it to create their own PDF file. This type of protection helps ensure that people have to come to you for your product.

A Worthwhile Investment

While the legwork requires a large investment of time to get started, selling information products can have a large payoff in the end. As with large undertakings like running a marathon, achieving the end goal of having a successful online business can be overwhelming unless you devote a set amount of time to it daily.

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