What Sells, Long or Short Copy?

Long or Short CopyLots of marketers wonder: how much copy do I really need to make the sale? Nobody wants to read long, boring copy, especially online. Yet how do I know what is enough copy? Is there a perfect length of copy that is needed to get prospects’ attention, engage them, give them reasons to buy and then move them to actually buy?

The Elements of a Good Sales Page

When you look at sales pages of successful companies online, you will see some proven elements used. Successful sales pages online include these elements:

  • White Space: When you have blocks of long text online, people simply will not read it. It’s too difficult to do online.
  • Use Images: The best sales pages break up the text with interesting, relevant photos, graphs and other images.
  • Sub-Headlines: Effective sales pages allow readers to skim thanks to bold, well-placed sub-headlines
  • Bullets and Numbered Lists: To make points and again allow readers to easily digest the information, use bullet points and numbered lists.

Now you realize the elements of a sales page, let’s look at the steps to creating an effective one.

Steps to Writing a Successful Sales Page

Headline: Your sales page must have a headline that grabs the prospect’s attention and makes him or her want to read your Opening. Effective headlines often make a big promise or arouse curiosity. They always speak to what the reader needs.

Opening: Use several sentences or paragraphs to pull your prospect into your sales page. Typically, you would use this opening to describe the general problem the prospect is facing. For example, suppose someone does a search for “online therapist New York”. The opening would go into the general, emotional reasons of why an online therapy makes sense.

Supporting Sub-Headlines: Use sub-headlines to support the big promise you make in your headline and build up promises of benefits to your prospects.

The Specific Problem: Here’s where you build up more emotion and move the prospect to “owning” their problem. For a page dedicated to “online therapy New York,” in this step, you would elaborate on the specific, individual reasons someone would use an online therapist. Effective techniques are testimonials and case studies that illustrate other people having success using your solution.

The Steps to Solving the Problem: At this point on your sales page, you lay out your unique solution to the problem. You reveal how your product or service works, why it works and why it is a better solution than other options available to your prospect.

Call to Action: Finally, in a clear, simple way, you ask the prospect to take action. This is a key step. Many sales pages miss this step. They attempt to assume the sale. Or, they confuse the prospect with multiple options or confusing language.

So, what does sell? How long must your sales page copy be? Long enough to cover all the steps outlined above. Also, don’t forget the sales page elements. Follow these tips and start ringing up more sales.

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