SEO Basics For Car Dealership Websites

seo-for-car-delearshipUsing the latest SEO techniques can help extend the reach of your car dealership website. Without any SEO work, your website will struggle to attract visitors. This is why it is important that you take the time to run an SEO campaign for your car dealership website to ensure your website appears in the search results for geo-targeted keywords.

Target the Correct Area

When deciding which keywords you will target with your SEO campaign, it is important that you target the correct area. While your first instinct may be to just target the search terms in your immediate geographic location, this is not the way you want to approach your local SEO efforts. Targeting a wide range of locations that are within driving distance of your dealership will help ensure that your website has the biggest reach possible. This will help bring more targeted visitors to your website which in turn should bring more car shoppers into your dealership.

Become an Authority Figure

Once you have created your keyword list, you will need to create content for your website. Creating high quality content specific to your local area will help you target those keywords while becoming an authority figure within your local market. Since people know your website is full of high quality content, they will turn to you in the future when looking for additional information about purchasing a new vehicle. When you are viewed as a go-to source of information within your market and industry, you will have the trust of your website’s visitors which will make it easier to turn those visitors into loyal customers.

One good way you can help build trust with your visitors and with Google is to create a Google authorship account. Creating one of these accounts will enable you to take credit for every piece of high quality content you place on your website or other websites around the Internet. Since your name is a big part of your car dealership brand, you want to leverage as much of the content you create as possible into additional exposure for your brand. Utilizing your Google authorship account to take credit for all of the content you create online will help ensure that you are viewed as an authority figure within your local market.

Scale your Work

Another important tip you will want to keep in mind when running an SEO campaign for your car dealership website is to know when to scale your work. When first starting your campaign, it is best if you target the low hanging fruit and go after the keywords with the least amount of competition. This will allow your website to gain some traction in the search engines while you learn the process of running a local SEO campaign.
Once you start to rank for a few low competition keywords, you can then start to go after the more competitive terms that will bring in more traffic. With the solid foundation of first page rankings for low competition keywords in place, you will notice that it is easier to start to rank for the more competitive terms on your list.

Also, knowing when to outsource some of the work to an SEO consulting company can help ensure your SEO campaign does not lose any momentum. While it is normal to be excited about your SEO campaign at the onset, many business owners get sidetracked with their day to day work or lose interest when they do not see immediate results. To prevent this from happening with your car dealership website, you will want to hire an SEO company at the first sign of you losing interest in your campaign and not paying as much attention to it as you should.

Running a local SEO campaign is a terrific way to drive additional targeted traffic to a car dealership website. By targeting a wide area within your market, taking the appropriate steps to become an authority figure within your market and knowing when to scale your work will help you see the best results possible with your SEO campaign.

Guest Post by: Sebastian Webb is an aspiring blogger with a deep love for driving and cars. He started his first blog about the same time he learned how to drive and hasn’t stopped doing either since!

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