SEO Does and Don’ts tactics after Google Penguin Algorithm update 2012

seo does and donts Search Engine Optimization is being totally changed as compare to old age SEO, We used to Submit our links to many of many of the website as possible, use to submit to 1000s of General website Directories, Page Rank matters, and much more way to break the search engine signals. But in the new age SEO after Google Penguin Algorithm Update, this won’t work until you strive hard to work to break the search engine signals and achieve high quality ranking. Many of webmaster are being tired and left all the tactics they previously used and trying to find out some great solution after this Google New algorithm 2012 i.e. Penguin update. But Today, I am gone show you the step are what to follow? & what Don’ts to follow? To break the search signals.


Directory Submission: As before we used to build inbound links using directory submission, but in todays new age Search Engine Optimization, directories “No More works”.  As research indicates that more than 20% of website Directories is being penalized by Google.

Social Bookmarking: We knew social media works better than any other SEO techniques to get high quality search signals, but wait, not every social Bookmarking sites are born equal. After this updates, as per my and many other SEO Experts opinion don’t submit social Bookmarking site that gives no value to users. For example:, they have bunch of thousands of social Bookmarking directories list, which most of the people used to submit.

Keywords in Meta tag: In Old age SEO, we used to add all our targeted keywords to our meta Keywords tag, let me tell you, this give your competitors a chance to find out what keywords you are targeting for your website & this leads to high-ranking for their website.

Link Exchange: One of popular link building tactics used by many webmasters, but after this updates, if you gone an exchange links to others website, that gives no value to user; you are going to be penalized. Let’s think you have “Herbal Website” and you’re targeting keyword is “buy Herbal Products”. But you want to give links to another website you have, that doesn’t relates to your niche as well, this doesn’t gives value proposition to user. Don’t use tricks for the sake of gaining links.

Article Submission: Article submission was fantastic ways to build lots of links poring to your website in old age SEO world, but After Panda hits, article submission is no more live or give any value proposition to user. Let me tell you why, submitting or you can say syndicating your articles to thousands of article directories, will help you to build links, but not in quality, it will be in quantity, because you are submitting the same content again and again or spinning the article

So, you may be typically confused How we can drive quality inbound links to my website that give value to users and doesn’t break any of Google Webmaster Guidelines. Do you know? Don’t worry; I have very fantastic New age School SEO tactics that wins on every Algorithm update, No more need to worry about Google what doing Inside the headquarter, what every he does, you will win.

Yes, content…..Content….Content…& Guess What Content!

Ohhh…Crap!! How we can get leave it to content, no more SEO stuff. Yaa, I mean the same no worry about SEO, what SEO does? Only thing Content! that automates your SEO stuff. Here is little no secret SEO to create quality content that engage your visitors, encourage people to share and drive quality inbound links automatically.


Guest Blogging:  One of the best way recommended by many SEO experts to drive quality traffic, Generate leads, build brand among the people and off course automates your search engine optimization stuff  by generating high quality inbound links to your website.

Business blogging: If you are not writing blog after this updates, you are going to lose your all of your traffic. Try to write at most 3 blog post a week on your business blog, and share it to your social media sphere like twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook brand page. This will give your SEO strategy to the next level.

Creating Presentation & Info graphics: Visual graphic plays a big roll on encouraging visitors share better than text. Create one or Two presentation or Info graphics a week and share it to social media sphere like your blog, your twitter  account, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pintrest is the qualified SEO tactics to build quality inbound links to your website.

Creating Videos:  Create Video that teach people and give values to user, so that easily get what you are selling and make some funny like video. This will help your visitors to go viral and will love to share your visual content to their social network. This helps you to build your business brand and obviously drive traffic and quality inbound links to your website.

Takeaway: Don’t waste time on building links, waste your time on researching and writing more content after Google penguin update, and I am 100% sure you will get out of what you lost in this flood update that Google recently launched and no need to worry; about next update again.

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