Why your site got affected by Google Penguin Update?

penguine updateMany sites were affected by Google’s latest so called Penguin Update. All of a sudden everyone started accusing Google because of this update. Small Business was affected badly due to this update. This was affected do you some of the following reason and there could be more. When I started searching for an answer, I could find these as valid reasons

1. Hidden text: 
Hidden Text is nothing but having white text on a white background. Now I don’t say that everyone is being using this old school method. Newbie should follow the guidelines set by Google or you get burnt by this kind of updates. Please design and develop a website for Users never for Search Engines.

2. Cloaking:
Cloaking is one of the worst methods in terms of SEO. Cloaking mean in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different from that presented to the user’s browser. These are the basic techniques which were used earlier, but Google has found out that cloaking being done on a larger scale. So, please follow the guidelines for god sake and not to Accuse Google.

3. Keyword Stuffing:
When I checked some of the Website I could see that many of them have used the Keyword tag. I don’t know what for because Google have stopped reading the Keyword long time back. Moreover, I would suggest using it but not to add more than 3 keywords although Google is not reading it, but this is not the main concern. Keywords are now being stuffed on the content which is totally wrong. If you are stuffing keyword on the content, then it simply shows that you are doing for SEO purpose, not for User. Now usually Visitor likes to read but not the keyword. Your content should explain what can we do for you, and that is important rather than stating what we have done and what we do etc. Make a precise content, simple and human readable that would help you in ranking.

4. Back Links:
You better have a Natural link. If you don’t have a natural link on your website Google will wipe you out of the SERP. Basically natural links will get you good ranking and also make sure that you prepare a chart to work out on page & off page SEO work. This would help you from avoiding Over Optimization.

Do you have seen any changes to your website due to this penguin updates, let us know what search engine optimization tasks you are performing, we are glad to help you to find the answer to your question.

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