Not Using Social Marketing Yet? Some Simple Tips To Get Started

social-media marketingWhile business large and small around the world have embraced social media and the power that it offers to market to individuals everywhere, many more fail to see the point and have shied away from dedicating time and resources to maintaining a Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or other accounts. In this article we will share why this isn’t the greatest idea, and how it’s possible to win both repeat and referral business via marketing on the many social media platforms.

Add Everyone You Can to Social Networks

Regardless of the platform, social media is somewhat useless unless you have direct contact and engagement with past, current and prospective new customers. Whether they are “friends” or “followers”, you’ll need to add every single person you can to your social networks so that you have the ability to communicate with them for marketing, customer service and other purposes. Offer a discount or a free item in exchange for liking your Facebook page or following you on Twitter – it’s worth it.

Dedicate Someone to Participating Online

You’ll need to dedicate someone’s time to maintaining your business’ social media presence on whatever sites you sign up for, and this person will preferably be tech-savvy enough to quickly navigate through each of these sites with ease. Don’t look at it as employee time wasted, but as employee time invested in building and maintaining business. It only takes a few sales to come through social media to make that investment worth it, so stick with it.

Ask your Customers to Spread the Word

Once you have your customers attached to your social media accounts, you can start asking them to share stories and to spread the word about special deals or other information about your products and services. The ability to share is what makes social media sites special, so encourage sharing at every opportunity!

Hold Contests to Boost your Likes and Retweets

Another great tip is to hold contests with big prizes to encourage your users to bring their friends into the fold. Companies like OfferPop allow for the creation of Facebook contests that force users to “Like” a page before they can enter – perfect for building a following. It’s also easy to host a contest on Twitter by way of “retweet” or through the creation of a special “#hashtag”. If social media frustrates you, hand it off to someone else. But whatever you do, don’t ignore it! Get your business on to the major social media websites today and you’ll start to reap the rewards almost immediately.

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