Social Media Promotion Strategy For Startups


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Have you ever wondered why some Internet startups seem to take off out of nowhere to gain national prominence while others sink like stone? In business, it seems, even a good product is not necessarily enough to insure longevity and success.

So what, exactly, is it that sets apart the winning Internet startups from the losing Internet startups? One big difference between these groups is how successfully they leverage their presence on various social media sites and networks. Businesses that can effectively present themselves on social networks not only get huge exposure to potential customers, they can save big bucks on their overall marketing and advertising costs.

Know Your Social Market

There’s no questioning the fact that social media needs to be a part of any Internet startup’s marketing strategy. It’s also very important to remember that simply blanketing every social network with the same content is not a very effective strategy.

Just like magazines, newspapers and television programming, each social network serves a very different market. For example, LinkedIn, the professional networking site, is frequented by some of the top earners in almost any field. It’s also a place where serious content is valued and fluffy content is spurned.

The more you understand about each social network’s unique audience demographics, the better you’ll be able to serve them.

Paid vs Organic

With over a billion users Facebook is, by far, the world’s biggest social network. With so many users, it’s safe to say that nearly every market niche is on the site somewhere. So how does a small startup go about finding the people who they think will become customers? This is one of those instances when paying for targeted advertising is a very good deal.

For example, you can easily purchase Facebook ads that are micro-targeted at exactly the kind of customers you’re looking for. That’s because Facebook has an incredible detailed demographic profile of almost anyone who has ever used the site.

This ability to drill down deep into their user base makes Facebook a very cost-efficient means of promoting a new Internet startup.

Behave Yourself

Another trait of successful Internet startups is that they treat the people on their social network like potential customers, not as anonymous figures on a sea of pixels. Remember that when you’re posting on social networks and interacting with the people on them, you’re the face of your company.

And you don’t have to be grizzled Internet veteran to know that social media blunders can go viral and blow up in your face at breathtaking speed. Just remember to think before reacting on social media and you’ll do just fine.


Internet startups and local businesses alike should have no problem establishing a meaningful presence on various social networks. A company that sells used pool tables in Phoenix AZ would run Facebook ads to reach its target audience. As that presence grows, word will spread about their products and services. With time, this presence can prove to be the deciding factor in whether or not a company survives the startup stage and moves on to the ranks of America’s truly spectacular business success stories.

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