The Steady Approach vs. the Big Splurge

The Steady Approach vs. the Big SplurgeI was cleaning out my house the other day. There is nothing particularly exciting about that and normally I wouldn’t bore you with tales of my domestic chores.

However, I had let things get out of hand lately and I spent all day wearing plastic gloves, squirting weird liquids and scrubbing at foul looking stains. I was left exhausted at the end of it all and made a promise to myself that I will try and do the cleaning on a more regular basis in the future.

As I collapsed into a comfy chair with a cup of tea and some exceptionally enticing biscuits a thought occurred to me. This was quite an unusual occurrence, as tea and biscuits tend to help me forget about everything else which is going on in the non refreshment related world.

Anyway, the thought was that the principles of a steady, regular approach could apply to just about any aspect of life. For example, now that my place was tidy again I could see that I had a few post it note reminders stuck to my PC which were now out of date and which I hadn’t dealt with. Perhaps we can apply the same principles to SEO work as well.

The Time

SEO work can be pretty time consuming, can’t it? Building links, writing articles and optimising the site are things which are easy to put off when there is something else to do. However, as with my dirty house, the time you need to spend on it will increase the less frequently you do it. Let’s take the example of your blog. If you have one of these attached to your site then it can be a terrific way to improve your ranking with the search engines while keeping the visitors to your site entertained. Having said that, if you let things slide and then try to write a hundred blog posts in a week you will start to struggle. Most of us can manage to fit in one or two of these a day if we try, and by doing this you can get into the habit of doing so and probably end up doing it really quickly.

The Cost

If you are going to hire SEO professionals to do the work for you then this is going to free up your time, but what about the cost? Well, this is one of those situations where you make it pay for itself by being clever. Let’s take the example of someone who lets their site fall away on the rankings and then decides for an SEO assault followed by another decline. This site is only going to have a limited time in which to enjoy the benefit of the SEO work which has been done on it. On the other hand, a steady approach means that site should always be in a decent position on the rankings. This means that it should always be bringing in revenue to cover the SEO work each month. Ideally you will want to make money from it and keep increasing the revenue over time and that isn’t going to happen if you don’t maintain a good level of SEO work on it.

The Results

Of course, the most important thing is the end result. Or is it? When you look at your website you will never get to the stage where it is the definitive, end result. Your rivals will be doing the same sorts of thing you are doing so you know that you need to keep up the good work or they’ll overtake you. With a safe and steady approach you can celebrate each month that you achieve a healthy ranking on the search engines in the knowledge that next month should bring you more of the same. By going on an all out splurge you might temporarily reach the dizzy heights but this won’t last for long if you don’t keep it going.

There is nothing as beneficial to your SEO link building strategy as having a solid and consistent approach which lets you build up over time.

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