Five Steps To A Better Video Blog

Video bloggingLawyers have a hard time sitting down and writing blog posts week after week. Something about the monotonous practice of staring at a computer for several hours while you think up a way to translate “lawyer talk” into a language potential clients will not only understand but also enjoy can be stressful. But as much as you might dislike blogging, it’s a critical part of marketing for any law firm, big or small. You might not like it, but you have to do it.

Instead of forcing yourself to write another 600-800 word article, try mixing things up with a video blog. They can take more time and effort, but they process is a nice change and it can be a much more comfortable format to talk to your potential clients. Furthermore, it’s easier to get someone to watch a five-minute video than it is to get them to read a long blog post. But before you plop down in front of your webcam to start rambling about the principles of building client relationships, here are a few steps to produce better video blogs.

Step #1 Script It, Practice It

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you’re going to be talking during your video blog. So if you’re not comfortable with public speaking or you’re feeling camera shy, either find a way to set your concerns aside or find another lawyer in your firm that will. And if you have the budget for it, hire an actor!

First, start scripting your blog. You’ll want a topic, a theme, and some interesting points to go along with it. If you’re planning on making your video longer than 30 seconds, which it should be, then you’ll need a way to keep viewers watching. Pick topics that are relevant to them and that you can clearly speak to. Showing off your expertise is going to be one of the benefits of video blogging.

After you’ve scripted your video, rehearse it several times. You want to speak fluidly, personably, and without any awkward “uhhhh” or “ummmm” pauses. Stand in front of a mirror and read your script to yourself. Change any sentences that are difficult to say or remember. You want to make a viewer feel like you’re taking right to them, so avoiding any snafus will help you make the perfect video blog.

Step #2 Get Some Help

Filming a video by yourself can be a nearly impossible task. It will take more time, you’ll struggle with equipment, and you won’t be able to get another person’s opinion before it’s too late. Even if you’re a one-person practice, ask a friend to help you film for a few hours. It will noticeably improve the quality of your video.

Step #3 Find The Right Acoustics

You’ve rehearsed your script several times and you’ve pretty much gotten it down pat. But that all won’t mean a thing unless viewers can hear you. Sound is a very important part of video blogging because it can make or break how willing someone is to keep watching. If they can’t hear you, there’s no point in them straining their ears.

Find the right acoustics by picking a place with to shoot with limited white noise. The lobby of a busy office building, for instance, probably isn’t a good idea. Pick somewhere quiet, with padded walls or at least carpeted floors, and enough space for you to sit about four to six feet from the camera. If you don’t have a microphone, this will be a good distance for you to speak at a normal conversational level that the camera can easily pick up.

On that note, buying a microphone that can amplify your voice and make you come across even clearer is a great investment. You’ll be doing your viewers and your business a favor by having crisp audio in every video blog.

Step #4 Location, Location, Location

You’re already searching for a location with good acoustics, but you should be taking a few other factors into consideration. If you don’t have the budget to rent out a studio set, then you’ll have to make due with what’s available to you. For starters, find a room with plenty of natural light. Fluorescent lights can make you look yellow and other lighting might be awkward or too dim. However, don’t set yourself up right in front of a window. You want the natural light to fall on your face so it can be illuminated but not overexposed. This might mean waiting for the right time of day to film.

Your location should also be aesthetically pleasing. Have a nice backdrop, some plants, and any other props that might match your theme or topic. Your video blog should be eye-catching through and through, so be sure to go over every detail before you film.

If you’re getting tired of writing blog post after blog post, producing a video blog might be a nice change of pace for you. Your law firm can still market and promote itself that way, but through a much more visually appealing medium that potential clients will be sure to enjoy.

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