Tips To Break Into The Writing Science

When I first wrote my first coursework I thought I could write. Boy was I wrong, I found out when I got the results. We all can write, but what makes you a good writer is what is more important. When writing for any medium, there are always some things that you need to keep in mind to ensure success. So keep some of these points in mind it can help you write better!

Plan your writing

You know how shopping for groceries becomes easier with a list! Well the same way so does the science of writing. When you want to write, start by first planning what you will cover. A sort of draft that you can follow, to ensure you cover all the relevant points in the requisite number of words.

Keep it precise

In this day and age most people don’t have the time to spend ages on reading. This is applicable to both academic, and non-academic writing. You need to keep this in mind, when you write anything irrespective of the medium. Be clear in writing your points, don’t add extraneous stuff, and submerge it in the sea of vagueness. The more clarity you can achieve, the more engaging and interesting your content will be. A reader is more inclined to read further, if he can grasp the meaning quickly.

Writing Skills

When you are writing always take care of your sentences – they mater. Go through a few of your favourite writers, or writing pieces like a brochure or article. Collect a few samples of sentences that really create an impact with you. Look for samples, which have a unique structures. Then take these and write your own versions of these sentences. Once you have learned how to do that with borrowed material, you can start practice with your own material.

Short is sweet

When we were kids mum used to teach us to eat in small bites. Well the same rule applies here as well. Keep your sentences short, write in short paragraphs and give them headings. This will break down monotonous text, into bite sized morsels, which are easier for your reader to swallow.

Liven up your writing

The New York Times calls it the zombie nouns that is exactly what they are. They can turn the most interesting piece of content into – a lullaby. So wherever possible in your writing replace any ‘zombie’ nouns with active and endorphins charged verbs.

Let’s not become a modern day Shakespeare

The guy with the biggest car does not win the girl, at least not in writing! Well what I mean is, using the most complicated or unusual set of words, is not going to win you a reader. If there is need for a word then use it, remember you have to write from the readers perspective. This is not an exhibition of your genius skills at English. If your writing is difficult for readers to understand immediately, they will get turned off and will not be reading any more.

I hope these tips help you write better and get more out of your writing skills.

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