Tips to Grow Your Offline Business Using Blogging

Offline pinned on noticeboardAre you hungry to expand your offline business using a powerful online marketing strategy? Blogging establishes your authority like few other practices. Think of 1 stop shopping for people who want to learn more about your opportunity. You can post videos, audio files, reviews, articles and webinars to your blog at a quick clip. Driving traffic to your sales or capture page grows easier with value-packed blog at your disposal. The issue? Many entrepreneurs are too lazy to blog, or they feel blogging is a waste of time, or they believe that they cannot generate enough ideas to blog on a persistent basis. All of these limiting beliefs need to go, at least if you want to run a content rich, authority blog which grows your business. Release the limiting beliefs to move into a prospering, high energy frame of mind where you naturally do what you need to do in order to grow your business on a daily basis.

Creating Value Stirs the Blogging Pot

Successful bloggers have no issues churning out serious content at a breakneck pace. Imagine yourself as a solver of problems. People from within your niche have problems, or issues, and you need to solve these problems through your blog. This can be a challenge at times but there is no literal limit to the solutions you can provide to the problems of your target market. Struggling bloggers let their blog go completely, rarely if ever blogging because they feel that they cannot generate ideas on a persistent basis. But if you can cut through this block and listen in to the problems of your customers you will easily receive content creation ideas at a rapid pace.

Hang out where your customers hangout, both offline and online. Spend time around your store, or place of business, tuning into what people are chatting about. If you listen to the scuttlebutt you can find out the issues you need to address. People will be quick to complain, or share their worries, or anxieties, or they might even share their dreams if you are lucky. Just be quiet and eves drop, or you could always engage a bit, asking questions and waiting for answers to crawl out. But you must discipline yourself as most people are quick to blabber on about their business or product, and rarely listen to people who are sharing content gold with them.

Create Content on a Daily Basis

Once you begin to accumulate the problems of your customers you can begin churning out blog posts on a daily basis. This is the quick and easy way to become a content creation machine. Once you have a ton of ideas you will create blog posts each day, posting on a set schedule to remain on purpose and making posting a habit. It has to be routine for you, the posting bit, because you will likely search for many excuses as to why you cannot post for the day.

Kill these excuses and create. Write one blog post daily. Include niche specific keywords to drive targeted traffic to your website. This means placing key words or key phrases in your post that your customers might search for when they run a google query. You can drive passive, targeted traffic to your blog if you include these keywords and key phrases in each post, so remain disciplined in adopting this approach.

More than anything, persist in listening and creating value to expand your online presence. Follow each one of these steps each day to steadily row your business through bloggingg.

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