Three Tips on How to Successfully Use Social Media Marketing

Use Social Media MarketingYour Social Media Marketing Strategy Should Answer Simple Questions

The golden rule to successfully market your business and its products on various social media sites is to stay simple. When planning your marketing approach, ask yourself who your target audience is, what your audience expects from you and how your marketing strategy will evolve. It’s important to remember that your target audience is not necessarily people like you, meaning how you approach social media and what you say to your audience should be thought about carefully.

Get your Timing Right With your Online Postings

Knowing your audience and what they expect from you will help you properly time your posts. For example, if your company targets stay-at-home mothers, posting news late at night would not ideal. Your message will get lost. Similarly if your business is seasonal, such as a surfing or snowboarding company, be prepared with a marketing strategy for the off-season. Approaching the off-season in the same way you’d approach the on-season is poor timing. In order to get your timing right and successfully use social media, it is a good idea to plan an editorial calendar so that you can approach your social media posts and content creation in a strategic manner.

Stay Professional, Positive and Focused on the Product

Staying professional, positive and focused on your company’s product is especially important for sites like Facebook and Twitter. When you only have a limited number of words, as is the case with a tweet or status update, avoid mentioning anything about you, the owner. Self-referencing has been shown to lower the number of retweets you receive and impede the number of “likes” you’ll get on Facebook. Social media audiences want to see the value in your product and what problems your product will solve. Also, being specific on these sites will help boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Remember that social media is simply a platform for your marketing, not a marketing strategy. Planning your marketing approach to include social media will help you spread news of your product to a greater audience. Be sure to keep these three tips in mind as you’re planning your marketing approach so that your marketing plan is successful, and gets you the results you’re hoping for.

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