Understanding Website Builders Inside Out- Myths & Facts

mythSometimes people are afraid to try new things just because they stick to what they know. Sad to say they can be considered as close-minded people who seize to explore new opportunities for their own benefit. This can be compared to building your own business. Establishing a business is already a big decision to undertake. In every decision we make, it is already a default that risks are there to haunt us. How to manage these risks without affecting the entire system negatively is the question.

In the world of business, having a concrete marketing strategy is often the formula towards business success. Since we are in the age of technology, small businessmen try to penetrate the virtual world to promote their company. One such wish is to have is their own company website by using a website builder. Here are some myths and hard facts about using a website builder in achieving your desired website.

1.  I need to have technical knowledge in order to create my own website.

False. Web site builders are created to eliminate the misconception that website design is only for computer programmers. Through the years, developers have found ways for people, businessmen in this instance, to spearhead the creation of the site. This was achieved by bringing the project into a Content Management System (CMS). CMS makes it user-friendly and will essentially follow a straightforward process. Clients can readily get a professional-looking functional website in no time.

2. Several website builders only offer a trial version of the program which means I have limited access to the builder’s tools and functionalities.

True. This means that as a client,  you undoubtedly have to gauge the coverage of the program offered. Reading some customer reviews or testimonials would significantly help so that you won’t waste your time in a builder that will limit you from the possibilities. Web Start Today is a splendid example of a website builder that can offer you premium services, all for free.

3. I cannot avail of these website builders since I do not have a stable Internet connection in my area.

False. Web site builders can either be an online or offline program. Online program would require you to have a stable Internet connection so you can log-in into the design portal. For those who do not have this resource, then you can always opt for the offline programs which would only need an Internet connection once you want to upload your created website or update it.

Of course, each has its own advantage and disadvantage. It is up to the client to choose the website builder that would suit their needs.

4. I’m only wasting my time in creating a website from scratch and would rather hire a professional to do it instead.

False. This notion relies with the client on how serious he/she actually is, in putting up the website. One of the main reasons why these website builders are created is for clients to save on costs. Hiring a professional to do the job is extremely costly. With a website builder, you can have the website you want as well as publish it at a much lower cost.

5. Company websites created with a website builder can guarantee the success of my company.

False. It cannot fully guarantee the success of the business but can be used as a marketing strategy for your business’s advantage. With the right ingredients in place such as exemplary hosting services, engaging website content and right keywords attached to the website you can surely increase your visibility on the Internet and gain attention of prospective customers.

6. I can monitor the value of the company website for my business.

True. Some website builders offer additional E-learning courses for you to assess the value and worth of your website. Most website builders are capable of being linked to Google Analytics, which can measure the number of visitors on your website.

7. I can customize and update my website as much as I want to.

True. One of the main advantages in using a website builder is the limitless customization of the websites. Furthermore, even if you have already launched your website, you can still update it as much as you want to. With the right tools and builder functions, you can readily add new information to achieve a more professional and credible website.

8. Hosting packages offered by the website builder is sometimes misleading.

True. As such, you need to review the hosting coverage offered by the builder. Some tend to oversell their programs but fail to deliver what they promise. Reading customer reviews from previous clients can help for you to find the best builder out there.

Brush those worries now and start building your own website!

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