Want Website Traffic From Pinterest? Here’s How…

Adhesive Note Pin It On The MouthThe holy grail of all social media marketing is of course increasing traffic and creating customer conversion. While almost everyone knows about the benefits of Facebook and Twitter, a lot of people overlook some of the more popular niche social networking sites. One social networking site that has an amazing amount of potential for increasing traffic is Pinterest.

Pinterest is basically a Facebook for hobbyists of all kinds. This site aims to connect creative hobbyists with other people to share, collaborate and build projects. While this may not seem like an ideal place to generate web site traffic, if Pinterest is tapped into correctly, it can yield some pretty impressive results.

Pinterest Has Specific Visitors and Users

When it comes to Pinterest, there is a tendency for people to think of it as just another Facebook. While to a certain degree this is correct, this is also absolutely wrong. Pinterest is indeed a social media site just like Facebook, but using the same marketing techniques you use on Facebook will not work. The reason for this is because the people who use Pinterest are there for very specific reasons.

This means you have to tailor your marketing to their interests. If you don’t take the time to understand the people who use Pinterest, all your marketing attempts are going to fail. Pinterest can work well for marketing your website, but it has to be done correctly.

Hobbies Are Big

Because most of the people on Pinterest are there for a variety of hobbies, you need to use this to your advantage. You want the content on your website to be useful to Pinterest users in some way. Unlike the content that generates traffic from Facebook, Pinterest content needs to be more focused and to the point. How to articles and special interest pieces are the best things you can have on your site.

By tapping into their interests, you can easily draw Pinterest users to your site. Yes, it takes a little bit of study and research to really understand what they are after, but if you can successfully draw their attention, you have a much better chance of customer conversion.

Pinterest Is a Great Opportunity

In the end there is absolutely no reason why a savvy business person can’t tap into the potential that Pinterest offers. While it is not as widespread as Facebook, the users on Pinterest are more focused. By using their interests and drawing their attention to your website, you have an excellent social media tool at your disposal. You will have to spend some time truly understand what makes Pinterest work, and you might have to get creative applying this knowledge.

However, if you dedicate the time to this pursuit you will earn very valuable customers. One important thing to keep in mind is that Pinterest may be a social media site, but it fills a very specific niche. For this reason you will have to change your tactics a bit. What works on Facebook is most likely not going to work on Pinterest. While the same ideas apply to both sites, remember the people on Pinterest are unique.

Guest Post by: Mike Wilson is a savvy social media marketer who not only teaches about different social media sites, but also how to make a website and earn money from it. His articles are found throughout the internet as well as within print publications.

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